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Skin Boosters

Botox Injection

Skin boosters are an injectable treatment of Hyaluroinc Acid,

which is a soft gel like substance injected under the skin. 

This delivers deep skin hydration,

improves the skin's elasticity firmness and

improves skin texture giving a radiant and overall glow.

* Targets dryness, roughness and fine lines

and improves skin texture

*Hydrates and conditions

*Plumps dull dry skin

*leaves skin glowing

*Improves complexion texture

*improves the appearance of dry skin

*Helps smooth Fine Lines and wrinkles


This is a 'beneath the skin' hyaluroinc acid

moisturising treatment.

It is a unique hyaluronic acid injectable gel

which is injected into consistent location of the face

and neck, where gel spreads under the skin

and stimulates collagen and elasticity production.

This nourishes the dermal cells and stimulates the skin

cell receptors to counteract

skin laxity restoring the firmness of your skin.

Profhilo not only boosts collagen and elasticity,

it also hydrates and remodels ageing and sagging skin,

it smooths and tightens your skin.

Improves skin tone and texture, giving a more

radiant and lifted skin.

Indications that Profhilo might be right for you?

*You have skin that is lacking in elasticity

*Your skin looks thin and lacks plumpness and firmness

*You have crepiness

*You are noticing lines and wrinkles

*You have dry sun damaged skin

*Sagging Skin

* You would like to prevent signs of ageing.


*Free Consultation*

Starter price (Two Treatments)     £450

Maintenance price (One Treatment)  £245

Botox Injections
Close Up on Eyes


Eye Treatment

Jalupro is a safe absorbed SkinBooster treatment. 

It is composed of Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acid, which

stimulates fibroblasts in the skin to produce

its own collagen and elastin to improve overall skin quality.​

With Jalupro acting as a dermal skin collagen booster, 

 it works amazingly around the eye area making

your eyes look brighter, fresher and youthful by improving:

*Skin texture

*Dark circles under eyes

*Bags under eyes

*Fine lines and wrinkles

*Sun damage

*loss of skin tone

*skin aging

Jalupro offers the following benefits for the skin:

*Lifting and tightening

*Increased volume and plumpness of the skin

*Improvement in the appearance of deep wrinkles

*Increased deep and surface hydration

*Improvement in contour definition

What to expect:

After the treatment you will be left with small papules

under the skin, these will go down within

48 hours as the product will disperse under the skin.

You may expect bruising and swelling in the area.


*Free Consultation*

Starter price (Four treatments, get one free) £360

Maintenance (One treatment) £120

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